Mongolia with Nature Travel Expeditions – May 2022

‘ The Altai Mountains in Western Mongolia are similar to those that I have visited in South America and the Western United States, but in these mountains the Snow Leopard lives.  An elusive and magnificent animal.

I had the privilege to visit these mountains with Nature Travel Expeditions in May.  This was my 5th trip with the company and as usual the trip was well planned and executed.  We were given detailed travel information prior to the trip so that we knew what to expect in this remote area of the world.

Highlights included:  Snow Leopard, Siberian Ibex, Mongolian Wolf, Saiga Antelope, Red Fox, Pikas, Marmots, Gerbils, Golden Eagle, Swan Goose, and Przewalski’s Horses. Incredible scenery, and staying in a Mongolian Nomads ger camp, who have been entrusted with the protection of the Snow Leopard and its environment.  Finally sharing this incredible journey with new friends.

A special thanks to the Nature Travel staff for all their help.  Especially Nick Buys, our guide, who proved that his wildlife location and identification skills transect across continents.  Thank you for taking me to the “Land of the Eternal Blue Skies”.  A special place indeed.  ‘